Online Shopping : Fashion and You

Before you begin judging I am going to tell you that I too was like you. I first was introduced to fashion and you a long time ago but due to bad reviews I decided to skip it. Recently I heard some good things about how their service changed for the better so decided why not ?! I bought a shampoo that I will be reviewing soon. So yeah I thought its better for me to try it out and just see what I get. I am happy with my experience. I really am. This perhaps is going to be the first review I do where I wont be all you have to buy from here only because I have heard not so good stuff and I dont want you to risk your money.

Their products range is huge. It is a daily discount kind of site. By which I mean that the site adds new products everyday with new offers. 
Costumer Service:
The service was prompt I dint really have any problem with the delivery so I cannot really tell how their problem management skills are.
They clearly mention the it will takes about 10 days and I got my delivery 9 days after my order. This is because they only ship their products after the particular sale ends. They also have express shipping option.
The discounts are pretty good but dont expect the whole 90 % off. They do have good little discounts. I wont say its too bad.
The shampoo was packed in loads of bubble wrap. The box was actually pretty flimsy but nothing was broken or anything. The box was wrapped in a white paper with Fashion and You written.
Final Verdict: I would say my experience was great what was promised was delivered. But be careful with the site and be smart about what you buy

Products Bought – Boots Honey and Oatmeal Shampoo – 600ml- 480 rps


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