Hi my Lovely readers

It has been quite sometime now since I re-started this blog. I thought it would be apt to just write some stuff especially since I am pretty caught up with college work. There is so much I want to share with you but it takes a lot of planning. Many times I just plan about what I want to write and make sure that it is organized enough for you to understand. I have been short on time lately. I just ordered something off utsav fashion. Once I get the order I will be able to write a full review on it so that is something that you can look forward too. I also have my daily make up routine on the back burner. I know I have a beauty blog but I feel that it is my responsibility to not make this into a review place. I like writing about my days. I totally have stopped wearing kajal. Its so hot it is impossible to wear kajal. My lips too have gone as dry as anything. It really has never been so dry. Watching knight and day and OMG envying Cameron Diaz ! So back to topic I know I have not been posting much but its only because I want to be real with the blog. I should be posting some more in depth profiling of movie looks once my exams are done . Till then take care and be safe !

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