Percieved Beauty

I am going to start off by saying that this is a bit of a nerdy article. I really have no other way of putting it. I think for me it is something that we all have but dont know. I know for one thing is that I do and only till recently did I really get hit by the reality of it. 
So let us start off with what is percieved beauty. This is my definition of it. When I look in the mirror I just very naturally tend to think that I am darker than of what I really am. Sales assistants look at me like I am a mad women when I reach for darker foundations. Whenever I apply it I always freak out about how pale it is for my skin. Where as it actually is my skin color.
At first I thought thats not right why am I doing this. Recently I was reading this article from Marie Claire about percieved body images. It made sense. Maybe that is why it is so hard for us to find the correct shade of foundation. Just like how it is hard to find a good pair of jeans.
My friends have other kind of percieved notions, some of being too fair while others think they are a bit grey. It is so natural and I think that when you think about it you are trying to replicate your skin. Skin is something that is so personal hence we build an idea of how our skin colour/texture is. Next time when you look in the mirror try and notice all the things that you percieve. Maybe you just realized them. If so then comment below!  Lots of love.


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