Product review : Faces Smoothing Eye Treatment Gel Mask

If you are a blogger then you know what it is like to have burning eyes in the day and puffy ones in the morning. For me puffy eyes run in family so its kind of something I have dealt with for so long. I saw andrea’schoice from youtube showing this in her videos and I was like what is that ? I found it on medplusbeauty and for the price of it I thought why not? Its the Faces Smoothing Eye Treatment Gel Mask . I know what a long name !!! 

The mask it self is like a regular mask. It has a band at the back that can be adjusted by putting knots. In case you are worried whether it will fit you. I put it on and so did my mom and it fitted both of us.

The mask is made of plastic with this cool blue/green gel filled in it. The blue green gel basically retains heat or cold. Simply place the mask in the fridge or in hot water to desired temperature and them put it on.


  1. It has a nice pressure
  2. Its comfortable
  3.  It does retain temperature
  4. It relieves the eyes of strain
  5. Works for puffiness
  6. Relaxes the eyes
  7. Cheap
  8. Easily available 
  9. It looks super cool on 


  1. It does not last long about 45 min
  2. Has no effect on dark circles
  3. Cant sleep in it overnight its annoying
  4. It might be tight for people with big heads ( yes I have no other word ) 

Final Verdict : Its nice to treat your eyes especially if you spend a lot of time in front of a screen. I have two !
Price: 95 rps
Can be found :


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