I have always been a fan of the idea of a lip stain. Unfortunately they have always been a disappointment for me. The Revlon ones just smell disgusting and they tend to peel. I saw a lot of good reviews of the Diana of London one and it seemed pretty good. I must tell you all those reviews were 100 % true this is by far the best lipstain ever !!

The packaging is pretty simple. You can see the color thorugh the tube. The amount that you get is a lot considering how less you need. 

It comes with a sponge applicator. The applicator does pick up a good amount of product. Its not too big nor is it too small. Its of good quality too

the color is absolutly gorgeous. I am quite dusky in my skin tone and this is the most brilliant pink. Its a bit berry so its not in your face pink. Top it off with a gloss and you are set !


  1. High Pigmentation
  2. Does not transfer once dry
  3. Available online
  4. Not a strong smell
  5. Slightly moisturising
  6. Can be worn as a stain or full on lipstick
  7. Easy to travel with
  8. Cheap for the amount you get
  9. Variety of shades 


  1. Its not drying but accentuates lines on the lips
  2.  Not available in stores easily

Final Verdict : Get it while it lasts. Its amazing !!!!!  
Price: 500 rps


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