Product Review : L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Thick Liner – Black

I showcased this product in a recent haul of mine. I wanted to get an eye marker and after much contemplation I got the L.A. Girls Mark My Eyes. I had my doubts. I thought what if it dries out? What do I do then? But I still wanted to give it a try. 

The marker it self looks like a sketch pen. It looks nice and big which is a great thing as it will help in having a nice grip. It gives more stability. 

The nib is pretty thick which could be a bit scary. But trust me its not that intimidating. You can actually manage quite a thin line with it and then if you want get a dramatic thick one.

The only problem with it is when the product has to come out. When you first put it on your lid you will notice that it is not really pigmented at all and the tip does not dispense much product.

You have to stimulate the product and then it comes out really nice! It flows through the nib properly. To stimulate it simply press the nib firmly on the back of your hand just once and the product will begin to come out

If you pull on your lid a bit you will get a more precise line and if you simply trace a long your lid you will get a nice line but you will have a bit of a wiggle along the edges


  1. Easy to use
  2. Pigmented
  3. Great for beginners
  4. Prominent even on shimmer eyeshadow
  5. Stays put
  6. Tight cap wont allow it to dry out


  1. Its not waterproof
  2. Might dry out
  3. Pricey
  4. Not available easily

Final verdict: Unfortunately it dried out yes it did ! Dont not buy this ! ( updated in june )
Price : 430 rps


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