Lakme Diva Blogger Contest: Its raining cats and dogs

Kyra met up with me at the restaurant. It was a hot weekend. With temperatures rising I thought it would be good to roam a few malls. It would keep me away from the sun and I could enjoy the cool air. Not to mention all the retail therapy. But Kyra had a different idea. “Why don’t we go to animal care shelter and volunteer” she said. I declined “its 1 o’clock in the afternoon cant we just go to the mall”. I looked at her and it was clear Kyra is big at shopping but bigger at giving to the needy. “Well I am going so you can come with me”. There was no turning back. We paid our check and sat behind her bike. A few twists and turns in the road and we were in front of the animal care shelter. I was skeptic but Kyra’s confidence gave me some support. I wrapped a scarf across. I dint want to get tanned. Kyra ran around doing chores in the sun. I caught her and whispered “you will get tanned!” She gave me a smile and reached in to her pocket. She gave me a Lakme sunscreen. She said “It’s a magic potion”. Kyra was big on helping others. She dint let little things like tanning get in the way of her work. Now even I am confident and since then we go everyday to the animal care shelter. Helping out those in need is better than any therapy in the world!

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