Lakme Diva Contest NEW GIRL IN TOWN

Everyone always says, “you have not lived, if you have not seen the world”, well I am sure that that statement does not apply to me, because if that was the case then sadly I wouldn’t have that much time left to live. This time dad had to get transferred to the nice beach filled city of Spain, San Sebastian. This town could only be described as breezy, cool and fun. Most of the places my father transfers to are towns of a more serious nature. We reached our new house (by the beach-“so cool”), dad put down the entire luggage while I stared at the beautiful beach below. My dad realising my lack of interest in the process of luggage disposal told me to go out and enjoy the beach.
It was vacation time there but because it was ten in the morning the beach was only spotted with people. I sat in one of the tents and opened up my laptop and stated to chat with all my old friends. To be frank, I really did want to go and enjoy the beach but in the back of my mind the thought of new school starting in a week kept creeping in. The last time I went to a new school and had a bit of an outdoor adventure I actually skipped the first week just so that I can get rid of my huge tan that I had piled on. This time I wanted to experience the first day of school. Then suddenly from behind I heard, “nice days like this hate it when you do not come out and enjoy it”, I looked behind and there was a young girl about my age with her friends. “My name is kyra these are my friends, you are?”, she said, it took me a  minute to reply to her, I introduced myself and then she looked at me and asked me to join her. I said no (felt extremely dull and sad). She smiled and went away.
This continued for the next three days, seeing her and her gang enjoying and me lumping around with my laptop. Finally on the fourth day she came back and said, “listen I had the same problem, so I’ll give you the solution and if it works you have to come out and play”, and then she handed me a small bottle of Lakme sun expert sun block. It didn’t take me long to put it on, I really wanted to go out and enjoy the sun, today was test day, if this worked i could finally have that fun summer beach vacation otherwise back to indoor beach bore.
We played volleyball, ran across the mud, sand castles and nice drinks near the beach hut. When I came back home I dreaded looking into the mirror so before I had to I went down for dinner, dad was sitting at the end waiting for me. He looked at me and said, “Another day in the tent, you really should go out!” And that’s when it struck me … “mirror time”. I rushed up to the washroom and looked at my face. I couldn’t believe it, it was like as if I had never got out. The next day I rushed to the store got myself the Lakme sun extreme kit and said to myself, “gonna have the time of my life”.

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