MIKYAJY store is full of amazing makeup. There eye makeup generally catches my attention. I am a true Arab in accentuating the eyes and I love Smokey Eye makeup. The store has a wide range of  eye makeup – eyeliners, eyeliner brushes, eye shadows.  They have the best of the best. I really love their eyeliner brushes – I have three of them. I also own the 36 brush set, and it is amazing. The product I am reviewing today is the eyeliners.
The amazing packaging was the main reason why this product drew my attention in the first place. It looks like a cute colour pencils box. This particular set comes with six Pencils. They are – Peacock blue, Green, Dark Blue, Black, Brown and white. They have a shine finish to them, no shimmer which is good for me. They are very creamy and smooth to apply. They can be applied as a eyeliner or a kajal pencil on the water line. They are so creamy and can be applied on the eyelid to create a base.
These pencils are very soft , but they do not smudge at all . Although you have to give them some time to set into the skin . The liners are also very pigmented and show up true to colour .


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