My favourite summer scent – MIKYAJY- Carnival

I have been experimenting with allot of scents recently, in order to find my favourite summer smell till I stumbled upon this -MIKYAJI Carnival! I had bought this form my trip to Dubai, but never ended up using it. This set comes with a body lotion and a shower gel. I used the body lotion and shower gel when I was in Dubai but not the Perfume .I had some weddings to attend this past week and I saw the bottle on my dressing table .My sister could not stop raving about how much she likes this perfume so I had to try it. I applied it to one evening party and I’m telling you the time I sprayed it on I fell in love with the smell.
It is a perfect summer smell – It is fruity and has some low flower notes. The best part of it is that the smell does not change towards the nights. It is peak summer in India and I can’t tell you how hot and sweaty you become. Yet this smell stayed on to my body and did not evaporate at all by the body heat. I hate perfumes that smell like alcohol after some time and the scent changes.
I had a flash back of my Dubai trip as soon as I smelt this perfume. If you have gone to a MIKIYAJY store you probably are familiar on how amazingly good it smells .To be honest I was drawn into this store by its smell. It smells like lush or body shop. I used many of their body wash and lotions but never saw this particular perfume and the packaging caught my attention and I bought it. Like all the MIKYAJY Products they have cute packaging that is beautiful and has a feminine touch to it. If you are a sucker for cute packaging then this is your place.
This perfume is beautifully packaged and is amazingly scented, and has now caught my attention. It is my favourite summer scent and I am going to completely repurchase this scent for sure. I never repurchase perfumes, but this my friend is the first  .

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