What’s in My travel Bag? – MIKYAJY

Summers have started and everyone has packed their bags and is set to jet! Summer is a season to vacation and enjoy travelling, to discover new and unborn places and indulge you into its tranquillity .Seriously who doesn’t like travelling.
Packing can be a menace at times or a second skin to some people. For me it’s more like second skin. Although the excitement may interfere in my brainstorming process .Packing is all about thinking straight, to take the right decisions on things you need. Packing can be made easy if you prioritize your needs .Necessary , Option are the two things you have to keep in mind while packing anything –Clothes , makeup , jewellery or food .Necessary things are those items you cannot live without and are very much a part of you . Option is a item that you probably won’t use all the time but can be a choice that you may impart.
Today I am going to show you my Makeup travelling bag. This bag is form the brand MIKYAJY . I got this bag as a free gift on my purchase. It is available in two or more colours. I got the hot pink one. This is my favourite makeup bag, I use this when I’m travelling and I must tell you this made my life easy. This bag has two major compartments, one side has small pockets and the other has a small bag attachment that can be removed.
All my makeup that I need (necessary and option) can easily fit into this. I also store my jewellery in this bag as it’s handy. I am travelling for few days hence I have not filled it up completely, but don’t underestimate the potential of this bag; I have stuffed double the items.
The bag itself is made of a washable material .The material is also thick and sturdy such that if you drop it, your foundation would not even move a inch. This bag keeps my make up compact and easy to reach, I don’t have to dig into a bag for 10 min to find my lipstick. That’s the major part that I love about this bag.
 My Travel Must have’s
  1. MAC foundation (studio fluid -nc40)
  2. Concealer MAC select cover up 
  3. Lakme rose Powder
  4. Oriflame blue eyeliner
  5. Mac lipstick-hug me
  6. Revelon LIpstick -Blush
  7. Diana of london – berry Pink
  8. Realtechniques Core Collection 
  9. Remel Mascara -Scandle eyes
  10. Maybelline Collosal (water proof )
  11. Lancome EYE palate 
  12. ELLE 18 lip gloss
  13. The body shop – Lip balm – Vitamin E

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