Product Review: Viviana Inkliner Pencil

Recently I have been huge on eye liner pens, mostly out of convenience. I tried the L.A.girl Mark My Eyes and did a review on it which I have to change. It is horrible! No joke. It dried out on me like a week into using it. How annoying is that? I use it now as an applicator. But less about that and more about the Viviana Ink liner pencil. Its amazing.

 No this one really is amazing. I love the applicator because its not too soft to the point where you cant get a straight line nor is too stiff to the point where you get poked in the eye.

 There are a few things that the company claims that I am not too keen on accepting. The pen claims to be waterproof and long lasting. Its not. 

Point blank it comes off with water and hence is not long lasting. But I wouldn’t let that bother you because it is butter in application by far the best most pigmented liner ever.

 It is great for beginners you will just love it. If you are looking for a eye liner pen give this a try. It will not disappoint.

  1.  It is highly pigmented
  2. The ink its self flows smoothly
  3.  The tip is nice and firm
  4. Not too expensive
  5. Found easily online
  6. Nice sturdy packaging
  7. Easy to use
  8. Great for natural and dramatic looks
  9. Precision 


  1. Not waterproof
  2. Not available in stores easily
  3. Not long lasting

Final verdict: If you are looking for a good eye pen or you are an amateur at eye liner this is the product for you.
Price: 599rps


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