I have really oily skin so I was skeptical about this cleanser beacause it doesnot have soap and it is made up of all natural ingredients .

 Its micro beeds helps remove all the impurities and dirt form your skin .This face wash will leave you feeling refreshed and moisturized, while the vitamin C in the orange will brighten your skin.

This is a complete natural treatment for the clean and clear skin.. It refreshes the skin and brings a cool effect to the skin as well.


  • Refreshes, tones and restores skin’s ph balance and doesnot dry it out.
  • Beads help to clean out the dirt and dead skin.
  • Fresh pleasant aroma leaves you refreshed.


  • Doesnot remove make up 
  • Could be drying to dry or sensitive skin .

CLAIMS OF THE FACE WASH :Orange Gel Face Wash with milli capsules & soft granules polishes dead cells & detoxifies your skin:

  • 100% soap free with mild foaming
  • Gives you a fresh radiant & glowing complexion
  • AHA’s extracts & Vitamin C protects your skin against free radicals damage
  • Stimulates collagen & elastin production
  • Contains natural antioxidants – Vitamin C, E, Lemon &  Green Teas for long term benefits
  • For Normal to Dry Skin

Do visit their website for information on their products –VIVIANA INDIA


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