So I usually don’t get compact powder or pressed powder mostly because I feel that I don’t need it. But recently my skin has been going through like such a change. Its gone from being dry / combination to oily. 

Yup just plain oily, I don’t know why but it is. The viviana compact powder actually surprised me because it is snowflake as in fair but it is pretty dark for normal fair powders

. It is not white like usual powders it is medium skin tone. I like that because I am medium fair and this powder does suit me.

 I love the packaging. It comes with a nice mirror. I don’t care for the puff thing because it is a waste. It puts too much powder on and is just not great for blending. The powder is good coverage medium to full.


1)      It’s a great shade not white but skin color
2)      It has a nice mirror
3)      Medium to full coverage
4)      Not too cakey on the face
5)      Sturdy packaging
6)      Available online
7)      Price is pretty reasonable
1)      Do not care for the puff it comes with
2)      Might be on the expensive side
Final Verdict: I really liked it. Go For It
Cost: 429 rps

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