Product Review -Nyassa Berry Berry Light body Lotion

The Nyassa people were kind enough to send me a parcel of products to sample. The parcel came in this attractive package that smelt amazing. 

So I contacted the Nyassa people and they were kind enough to let me know that it was the berry berry lotion that I received.
The scent itself is a nice mild bubblegum scent great for women of all ages. 

The pump I am not a fan of as it tend to just squirt out the product. May be because the lotion is thin it just happens to come out with a lot of pressure. You want to be careful with this pump.

It is a mild moisturizer not too thick or heavy great for rubbing on the hands and body. If you just want a nice fragrance this is great. Its not too hard on the pocket though I have seen better lotions for cheaper. I am not going to go in for a Pro’s or Con’s just a final verdict.

Final Verdict: Its a nice lotion, great smell but I am in two mind if 300 rps is a good price.
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