Product Review – Nyassa Handmade Soap – Exotic Rose Olive Soap

Hey lovelies this is my second post on Nyassa. You must have seen my previous post on the Nyassa Light body Lotion. The soap is quite different that the body lotion. I must say comparatively I prefer the soap to the lotion. 

I love scented soaps but I hate ones that are too strong. This is just about enough. It will make your bathroom smell amazing without being too overpowering.

The soap its self is made up with the goodness of natural oils. The soap comes wrapped in cling that helps preserve the scent of the soap. It is a nice pink color very natural. The soap is pretty sturdy and doesn’t melt on touch.

The soap contains a base of roses. Yes, Rose petals well at least that is what it looks like. The soap does not have a name to it but it definitly smells of rose.

 I would suggest those that use loofahs to not rub the loofah on the petal part as it can get into the loofah and make it dirty. you can use the clear part.

The cuff is pretty good on part of the soap. The lather is neither too much nor it is too less. It is a creamy lather that feels very luxurious. Whether used with hand or with a loofah it provides enough.It cleans the body well but is a bit drying.

Final Verdict : Great for a gift to someone who loves scents.
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