Loreal Hydrafresh Anti- Shine Icy Gel

After going through my tried and trusted Lotus Aloe Hydra I decided to go for another gel like moisturizer. This time I went for something higher end.

 The Loreal Hydra fresh came my way by youtube guru Bubzbeauty. To be honest there is no comparison between Lotus Aloe Hydra and Loreal’s Hydra Fresh.

 As soon as I put the moisturizer on I knew it was different. It feels so luxurious and just moisturizing. It leaves the skin shine free yet supple. The moisturizer comes in a glass tube. 

I am not much a fan of it as its very heavy and I constantly fear it breaking ( I am miss butter fingers). The scent is exactly the same of my other two skin care products .

 The Freeman Mint and Lemon clay mask and The Neutrogena Black head removing toner. Its a fresh lemony scent. It does not tingle at all its very soothing. 

The color is a fresh minty green and the gel it self is a thick consistency. A little goes a long way with this and it give a nice matte effect.

 I think the only iffy thing about it is the price. It is pricey and does not last that long either. 

Its great though if you only need a bit of help in the winter and can manage with a regular moisturizer during the rest of the year. Its a great gift to someone as it is very luxurious. 
Final Verdict: Definitely worth the money paid. Does what it claims and makes you love your skin. It doesn’t break me out either !
Price: 499 rps


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