Jabong.com shopping experience review

Online shopping is a very relative topic and I always find that its always a hit and miss. I enjoy shopping from various websites as a blogger to give my readers my honest experience 

Today I will be reviewing jabong.com a website that provides various lifestyle products. You must have heard about them through their nationwide run advertisements.

Product selection :
Personally I adore their jewellery and shoe collection. Their rings are great if any guy is looking for a gift for his girl. There is something for everybody. They also have a variety of fragrances that I liked.

The pricing is reasonable. I always feel that pricing reflects not only the product but also the service quality. The ring that I bought was very reasonable. It is not a steal but that means that you won’t be robbed !

It is one of those few websites that provide for cash on delivery along with free shipping. The shipping was super fast like literally 48 hours and I live in hyderabad. The person had no problem with the address at all. I was genuinely surprised that it came so fast. I was provided with a tracking number also.

Customer care:
The customer care is really nice. I tested it out by purposely not answering their first call to see when they would call again or if they even would. Within an hour I got the call again to be greeted by a simple automated message. A minute later and my order had already started processing. 

Final verdict: I am impressed one should really try it out. 

Link for the ring :  http://www.jabong.com/Elegant-Cz-Ring-With-Rhodium-Plating-111007.html


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