DIY Deep conditioning treatment

Hair can get easily damaged by pollution , heat etc . As winters are approaching , its time for us to give some extra care and love to our hair . My hair was feeling very dry and brittle lately so I tried this home made deep conditioning treatment . This DIY deep treatment hair mask will truly mend your hair for a fraction of the cost of salon’s or costly products .
The components of this mask can be easily found at your home . The main.ingredients for this mask is oil ,egg and conditioner .

Eggs are renowned as one of natures best moisturises and helps nourish and fortify , leaving your hair feel soft ,shiny .The moisture of the oil ensures long life nourishment .This mixture is a solution to all hair ailments .
 ALL You NEED for this DIY Hair deep conditioning project is : (medium – long hair)

  • Use 3Tablespoons conditioner ( I used.herbal essences – body envy )

  • 1/3 cup of herbal oil ( pure herbs oil ) You.can  virgin coconut oil , almond oil or Amla oil .

  • 1 organic egg

Mix all the ingredients nicely and apply it evenly to you hair . Concentrate the mask towards the ends as those tend to be the most damaged . Keep the mask for 15 to 20 min and then shampoo and rinse hair.
These DIY hair treatments are natural , safe and cheap , but it doesn’t mean that they are ineffective . This hair mask is packed with high performimg proteins and vitamins that will make your hair feel better after one use .


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