Sunsilk Keratinology Hair Spa Mask

It’s festive season and that means a lot of hair straightening and curling. I always recommend going for a hair spa before festivals. It’s like when you butter your mom before asking something big. 

This time I though I’d try something new. Keratinology has been huge in the hair care market. It makes sense when you think about it considering that your hair is made up with keratin. I decided to use the sunsilk hair spa mask. Mostly because I don’t like dealing with oil. 

The mask is a huge tub. Since I am one of three sisters I feel like everyone could get a good half a year worth of use out of it
The tub is pretty sturdy. It won’t leak or anything. A little tape around the lid of the jar and I reckon you can travel with it too.

The consistency of the hair treatment is thick which makes it easy to use. It is a glossy cream color though I know it came too pink in the picture. It’s true color is a golden beige

The cream it self does not have too much scent. It does linger after washing your hair but not something that will give you head ache. It’s not drippy at all.

When I used it for the first time I must say I was apprehensive but it really worked. I have dry frizzy hair and I always use a blow dryer to make matters worst. 

I felt The difference in the shower it self. Only thing that I would feel like warning you all is that when you shower the floor can tend to get a bit slippery. It happens with all conditioners so its nothing out of the blue. All in all its makes my hair soft shiny and smell really good. So does it really give salon like results? In my opinion it does. Would recommend it to all .

Final verdict: Made my hair manageable for days ! Really Great !!
Price : 400 rps
Can be found :


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