Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Conditioner Review

I really enjoyed the Sunsilk Keratinology shampoo. It made my hair smooth and I dint have to worry about it looking dry after blow drying it. This made me curious about the conditioner. To my joy the conditioner is as good as the shampoo. I like the consistency and smell of the conditioner. Here is a more in depth look at the conditioner.

The conditioner looks a lot like the shampoo but the lid is of a different colour hence making it easy to identify in the shower. It does not occupy much space so its friendly to keep in the shower. Like the shampoo the design is very sleek.

The consistency is like that of a normal conditioner. It is just about thick enough to hold on to the hair and thin enough to spread. It looks like the shampoo except that it does not have the same pearl iridescence.

The smell is very mild so it lingers after and goes within a day or so. I don’t like strong smelling scents but this one is just mild. It does make the shower a bit slippery like the hair mask

The results after were what I wanted. my hair feels nice and soft without becoming oily the next day. The hair has a shine to it. I recommend using this after hair styling with heat tools. I felt a difference it really felt like as if my hair was reconstructed.

Final Verdict: Definitely recommend this to anyone who has dry hair or indulges in daily styling their hair.
Price : 200 rps


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