*Massive* Clothing Haul – Red Anarkali

I never really bought clothes online because I mean with clothes you have to feel the material, check the cloth, the embroidery etc. I must say though shopping for clothes online is the best thing. I went to a few retail stores to compare and honestly online is much cheap. In hyderabad we really dont have much variety with clothes. Online shopping is the best solution. I highly recommend fashion and you since I have bought many times from them and till now I have never had an issue with them. Since fashion and you is a flash sale sight I wont be able to give perma-links but if you message me about a particular outfit I might be able to help you. 
The outfit comes with lining and chudidar material. I personally had no problem with the length of the material being short. I am 5’7 so that can tell you that there is a lot of material provided. I absolutly love this outfit. Unfortunately my tailor ruined it that is the reason its not giving the proper fall it should be giving. It comes with 6 kalis. The back is palin thats why I dint take pictures. This suit has frequently come on Fashion and You till even recently though I bought this about a good 6 months back. It was unstitched material with the kalis already made.

The only draw back to the outfit is the dupatta. It is really cheaply made and I really did not like it. I think its better to have a plain chiffon dupatta on it instead. I like the sleeves material it is soft and gives a nice dimension to the outfit.

  The top part is also made of a nice material. The material comes with the sleeves and top material attached to the kalis material. the original length of the suit was very long but I chose to make it as an anarkali rather than long.
 One thing to be aware of with online shopping is the price they vary a lot. I am talking 1000 rps differences. I have found personally that fashion and you is the cheapest but still its better to compare and check. I have seen this suit for 4799 rps to 5000 rps. As mentioned above I can’t give a direct link but if anyone is intrested I can notify them when it comes.


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