Mac – Lip haul


This shade is the perfect coral and pink mix . The shade is called CROSSWIRES . It has blue undertones which suites Asian complexions mostly. Crosswires is in the permanent collection . I got it free as my back to Mac . This Mac shade has a matt finish and is also very pigmented . Like all Mac lipsticks it doesnot dry out and you can build up the Color .It is the perfect pop of colour for a natural look .

Crosswire (One swatch) 

 This is a satin finsh lipstick by Mac . The shades name is AMOROUS. This Mac shade is amazing for those fall and winter months .It is a gorgeous lipstick to rock in the holiday season . Although the shade looks dark and vampy , it transfers onto the lip as a deep burgundy colour which is the “It” shade this year . Simple eyes and strong lip . As it is a satin finish , it is definately more moisturising .


Amorous (one swatch)

If you prefer lighter nude shades in the pink group then this is right up your alley . It is the beautiful daily pink colour . The shades name is called COSMO . It is a amplified lipstick . If your not familiar with Mac lipsticks then Amplified are those which give a glossy effect . Leaving your lips looking glossy and plumply . The colour pay off is a little less but none the less they serve there purpose . Love this shade and has been a staple product in my daily Routine .

WHIRL -Lipliner
Whirl is a pink nude lip liner that goes efforlessly with Cosmo and Amorous .It finsihes off the look devine . I personally prefer Mac lip liners for their consistency and pigmentation’s . Same goes with their lip products . All of their lip products have a light vanilla bean scent to them . They are good for people who do not like the over whelming fruity scents .


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