BI-WHITE REVEAL Anti-Dark Circle Whitening Corrective Eye Care

Worried About Dark Circles?

Get Rid Of Them Using Vichy Laboratoires BI-WHITE REVEAL Anti-Dark Circle Whitening Corrective Eye Care

Getting rid of those dark circles is not an easy task. The major reason behind this dark circles is that stagnation of melanin in that lower layer of your eyes which is also the reason for dull skin. VICHY Laboratories presents the revolutionary, BI-WHITE REVEAL Anti-Dark Circle Whitening Corrective Eye Care with a novel mechanism for whitening in the in the skin cream world. Contains Ceramide WhiteTM   in alliance with Caffeine and Vitamin B3 providing a complete power packed solution for dark-circles.

Research shows that all the available skin lightening creams have disappointed consumers in some way or the other so with the help of intensive research, L’Oréal has brought in 3 active ingredient cream,

  • Ceramide White TM  which controls the cellular signal at the origin of melanin production.

  • Caffeine which helps to relieve congestion, stimulate the inner micro-circulation and evacuate stagnating haemic pigments.

  •  Vitamin B3 which helps to inhibit vascular dilatation and increase the micro-circulation flow.

These core ingredients works on generation of cells which control the melanin production and also treat and clean the existing melanin and provides that glowing skin to match your beautiful eyes. The results, reduction in pigmented dark circles are visibly reduced in size, color and intensity*, are evident in just 4weeks of the use of products.

The eye contour looks visibly lighter giving your face that radiant and even skin tone. Dullness is noticeably reduced making eyes look brighter and more beautiful!

PRICE: Rs 1850


At select pharmacies in all major cities.Orders can also be placed online (No delivery charges).  
To place orders or to locate the nearest Vichy store log on to:

Discover Vichy Laboratories:

The No. 1 Dermocosmetic brand in Europe.

Vichy Laboratories provides DERMOCOSMETIC products available only in select pharmacies worldwide. VICHY products offer unique hypoallergenic formulations combining the exceptional properties of the VICHY Thermal Spa Water with active ingredients and innovative technologies stemming from the latest breakthroughs of dermatological research. No.1 in European pharmacies, VICHY Laboratories was launched in India in the year 2002 and is the pioneer of the Dermocosmetic category

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