Goodness of coconut milk for your skin !

In modern society we’re constantly reminded to reduce our fat intake, but coconut oil is the healthiest dietary change you can make. It’s 57% Lauric Acid, which provides very valuable benefits for your insides—naturally, not man-made. And what you consume affects your outsides—let’s face it, your skin in the biggest organ you’ve got and it needs feeding, too!

Parachute body care lotion is packed with Virgin Coconut milk.
 The benefits of using Virgin Coconut is that it’s higher in quality and lauric acid, which is beneficial for repairing the skin from the effects of the elements – such as the sun. Coconut  antioxidant effects can help protect against them—much like Vitamin E does as well as heal and repair damaged skin.It works  awonders for people who face acne problems and eczema .
It is the cheapest solution in the market, Especially for students who face problems relating confidence because of their acne and dry ness . This could be a solution and its money friendly JHence it’s a magic nut , which can give you a New Life and new love .It breathes a new life into your skin , full of confidence and life.

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion makes skin magically soft and supple again and its nourishing properties kiss it with a divine glow. Your skin yet again feels delightful as irresistible to touch as it used to! And he can’t resist romancing your skin with his fingertips, stirring a sea of sensuality. Feel the touch of romance on your skin, with every drop of Parachute Advansed Body Lotion. Feel the love, dobara.

Coconut milk is a great multi-use skin care product, plus it smells incredible! In this video I go over some of the uses I found for it. The benefits of coconut milk is endless, and so are its uses .

1.) Awesome moisturizer – warm a small amount in your hands and apply it to skin instead or in addition to your favorite body lotion

2.) Apply small amount to blemishes to help heal faster

3.) Heat and apply to hair as a deep conditioner


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