MUA -Gel eyeliner – UNDERGROUND


This is the first time Im trying MUA products . But to start off I will say im Impressed . The MUA gel eyeliner in Underground is so beaiutiful .It is hevily pigmented and smoothe in consistency . It can be compared to the high brand gel liners – MAC and bobbi Brown . 
PRICE :Original Rs. 735/- Purchased Rs. 699/-
 (further I got additional 20% offer coupon for valentines day )

It has a long last power . It does smudge or budge at all . I ended up removing it with baby oil . It is perfect for people who want  long lasting eyeliner effect . It will last all day long . It has a matt effect . I wouldnot say that MUA underground is the blackest black . It is more on the grayer side . 

You can use this on the water line or as a eyeshadow base .It can be smudged easily before it dries .The gel Like consistency helps the blending alot . It is perfect for giving a smokey look . 

The idea of the brush is very interesting and amazing . But I will not brag about the brush alot . I personally find it hard for applying eyeliner . The other thing is that the brush picks up alot of product , which is annoying .


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