Viviana Inkliner FULL REVIEW

I bought this Viviana Eye liner Almost a year back – 24-06-2012 and I wrote a first impressions on it . You can check out the full features about this eyeliner  HERE . But now I’m doing a FULL REVIEW on this product and I rarely find such products to start off with .So this product is worth the drama .

I re- purchased this liner because there was an offer for Viviana products on jabong for womens day , fearing that I would run out of my old viviana eyeliner . This product has become my holy grail in my everyday makeup look .

 It is absolutely amazing – fast , clean and black. Three things I like in my eyeliner . So I pinky swear that I was using this eyeliner everday since last year and I still dint run out of it – Here Are pictures to prove 


This is my Old eyeliner – you can see the print on the product has gone that proves how much I use this eyeliner .

 As you can see the product looks a little less glossy when compared to the brand new one . But none the less it is still working . I have figured out a way to make it not smudge all you need is a little primer and If you have oily lids , matte it with some setting powder . The oil on your lids makes this product crease . 

Im still using the old eyeliner , and I wanted to see how long is it going to last me . But im seriously impressed with this product for the price , the quality and the amount of uses you can get it mind blowing . 

Please comment below if you would like to see more of these full review rather than first impressions .


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