To select the right blush colours for your skin tone, first consider whether you have cool (blue) or warm (yellowish) undertones in your skin. The right blush during the right time of day is essential. You must be unsure how to pick the right shade of blush?  Should you go powder, cream, tint, shimmer or gel? There are many different types of blushes, but which is the right blush for you.
There are several types of blush such as Powder Blush, Cream Blush, Gel Blush, Tint Blush.
Applying blush is easy. With so many stunning shades on the market, finding the colour that is right for your skin tone can seem like a overwhelming task at best. Break your skin tone under these groups, fair skin, medium skin and dark skin. We want to help you pick the perfect shade to help add the ideal flush of colour on your cheeks. Every person should have at least two shades, a peach and a pink. This way you have a colour to decide from regardless of the makeup look you are going for.
When picking a right shade for blush fairer skin stunning skin, remember, lighter is better. For highlighting your cheeks you want to pick something for fair skin that’s a light champagne colour.
The right shade blushes for medium skin toned ladies are rosey pink and deep peaches. Too much of colour may make your skin look ashy or clowny.
For girls who have dark skin, choose colours from rose to deep oranges. Choosing a shade that is to light will make your skin appear washed out and colourless.
Shimmers are fine for giving a light gleam to your cheekbones. These are best for night-time, and add to your blushe to give them a glowy dewy look. You can achieve the Perfect wedding glow with shimmer blushes.

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