How to apply make-up BASICS

Learning how to apply makeup properly is a small asset in time that will help you to look your best and boost your self confidence.
The best way to apply makeup properly is in a step by step process, this is base especially for beginners.

Start with moisturizer and sunscreen A dewy, fresh complexion is beautiful and youthful. Starting with a clean face, apply sunscreen to face and neck). Rain or shine, you should get in the routine of applying sunscreen every day.
Always start off with a primer after the moisturizer. You can opt to use brushes to apply everything, but using your fingers to apply and blend is fine too. Primers just really make your pores vanish and the makeup goes on really even after. Use some colour corrective primers if your need to. If you have some redness, you can use a little green-tinted primer, or yellow-tinted primer to counteract shadows and dark circles.


Dot concealer with your ring finger to the spots that need it most , whether it be your under eye circles or your acne scars Blend in by patting in, never rubbing, the concealer.


The very first step in selecting your ideal foundation makeup is assessing your skin type, to determine the type of foundation that would work best for you.
Selecting the right shade of foundation for your skin tone is vital. Most women have yellow-based skin. To get a perfect match and to create the look of having naturally flawless skin, you need to wear a foundation with a yellow base. Apply your foundation with a cosmetic sponge or a dense brush for more control and a smoother application.


If you want to apply blush, cream blushes are a great idea since their finish is really natural and dewy. If your skin tends to get super-oily, though, powder blushes are great. Use a rosy, peachy, or berry colour depending on your natural flush.


Priming your eyes –It helps your eye Shadows last longer. If you don’t have an eye primer, foundation, cream bases, or concealer will do the job, too.Apply a natural-looking eye shadow- For a basic eye, simply apply a base shade on the lid of the eye. Apply a darker contouring shadow in the crease. Make sure to blend it all in well

  • Line your lower lash line/waterlineYou can go for the basic eye, a Smokey eye, a cat eye and much more. For a basic eye, simply apply liner to the upper lashes and the lower lashes, smudging along the lower so it doesn’t look drawn on 
  • Curl your eyelashes lightly to prep them for easy mascara application– If they’re naturally curly though, you can skip this step! 
  • Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes -For a thicker lash effect apply more than two coats of mascara.


Make sure it’s not too bold! GO for a natural flush or naturally muted-out lips are the way to go. Use a balm before-hand! Or just use gloss.


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