Everyone has different eyes. Eyes are the most prominent feature of our faces. They are different eye colours and different eye shapes. So when we want our eyes to pop keep in mind the eye shadow colours you use. As the colours you apply on your lid should complement the colour of your eyes and your skin tone. Generally brown eyes people should stick will cooler tones and it’s the opposite with blue eyes people is to incorporate warmth in the eyes by using some earthy tones.

  • To start off with brown eyes- this eye colour compliments allot of colours. Wear eyeshadow colours opposite of brown on the colour wheel- those would be blues, teals, greens, and purples. Since many brown eyed babes also have brown or black hair, wearing brown eye shadow can be too drab against the face.  If you must wear brown eye shadow, play up the lips with a brighter colour.

  • Some brown eyed babes can wear pink eye shadows, but the deeper or brighter pinks are a bit more flattering. Applying blue eyeliner in the waterline adds nice contrast to the eyes and makes the whites of your eyes even brighter. Yellow is not the best colour as it brings out the yellow in some brown eyes.

  • Blue eyes are the most admirable colour by allot of people, blue automatically gives a bright effect to our face. But if it is paired with the wrong shades then they tend to look dull. Blue is a cool tones colour hence we should incorporate some warmer shades. Wear eye shadow colours opposite of blue on the colour wheel- those would be gold’s, oranges, coppers, and browns.

  • Blues can help blue eyes pop if it’s the darker blue and used in moderation- even some purples look nice. Put that blue eyeliner in the waterline- it accents the whiteness of your eyes and enhances the blue without being too overdone

  • Green compliments again allot of colours as it can absorb the light in colours .I  find that with most green eyed girls, a pop of peach blush on the cheeks compliment the eyes nicely .Hence it’s easy to work with eye shadow colours and a little goes along way . Applying black eyeliner in the waterline adds nice contrast to the eyes and intensifies the look. Green eye shadows can help green eyes pop if it’s the darker green and used in moderation. Again wear colours opposite of green on the colour wheel- those would be reds, pinks (usually warmer, deeper pinks), plums, and purples.

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