Today we are going to share some tricks and tips that makeup artist hold up their sleeve while applying eye makeup. When you wear eye makeup, be careful how you apply your makeup on your eyes especially . Eyes, after all, are the most beautiful part of a woman’s face, so make sure to highlight them. These makeup tips should be incorporated especially in bridal looks or party looks if you want your eye make up to last long .

Foundation should be the first parts of your make up application process .But if you are working with dark eye shadows then try avoiding this process .As generally dark shadows have high amounts of pigment hence they are so chalky and fall out every wear. This is the most basic eye makeup tip that artist use .

Another basic eye makeup tip is before applying eye shadow you should prime your eyes with a primer , shadow stick or a pencil eyeliner to create a base on which the eye shadow will stick to.

  •  Apply the base colour of your eye shadow across your eyelid to brow bone. Then continue with the main colour on your eyelid. The darker colour comes next , take care while applying it . Position the darker shade on the edge of your eyes. Also, do not put the darker shade till the brow bone. Combine the three colours of your eye shadow with care to give an impression of a well blended look .

  • After applying eye shadow and creating a look you are pleased with then you have to seal this make up with a setting spray this will help to lock in the look. Setting sprays are generally used by allot of makeup artist and this make up tip is generally avoided by us .But these sprays help the eye makeup sit on the skin and also avoid the outside atmospheric factors like heat, humidity, pollution etc.

  • ·   If your working with liquid eyeliner make sure it is water proof or smudge proof. In case of a gel or pencil eyeliner they use an eye shadow similar to the shade and set it.

  • ·   Final step for eye makeup tip is used will applying mascara.These tend to slip and crease during the day hence use mascara that is longwearing – water proof or smudge proof. It is always good to clean up the excess eye make up with q-tip and some make up remover. Hope you incorporate these make up tips and find a lasting effect all day long.


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