How to use liquid eyeliner is a major problem for starters, they tend to move towards pencils. But it’s not that hard , especially when you get the hang of it .These are some tricks and tips for all those people who want answers on how to apply liquid eyeliner .

The tool that you will need
-Black liquid eyeliner


STEP 1 :Take your black liquid eyeliner remove the excess product and start applying it as close to the lash line as possible. With applying liquid eyeliner it is sometimes a little bit tricky as the slightest of movement can mess up your eyeliner. For this reason it’s preferred to rest your hand on a table and keep it as close to the body as possible.

The eyeliner here in particular is a felt tip eye liner. The tip of the felt tip are commonly used by make up companies and are the easiest to use because it has a soft point and also bendable. These eyeliners naturally can follow different eye dimensions.

STEP 2 :Start creating short dash strokes and then connect the dots. In liquid eyeliner your should make sure the amount of pressure your applying should be same so that you can get a perfect line. Another tip while applying liquid liner is to look down while applying it, since if your eyes are looking straight ahead then the liner will smudge in the crease. Therefore keep your eyes slightly open. Remember to take your time particularly if you are a starter as this might be a little tricky.

STEP 3 :After lining the basic shape then you can move forward to make it thicker or winged out. In order to elongate your eyeliner go a little past your eye towards the outer corner and create a slant line towards the end of your eye brow. Create a small triangle and fill it in.

STEP 4 :Hold the tip parallel to your eye this will avoid harsh lines and even excess blobs of liquid liner on your lashes. Keep your eyes steady for few seconds till it dries. If you have done some mistakes or not happy with the result then you can go back and make some changes . If necessary use a q- tip soaked in makeup remover to clean it out before it sets. These steps will surely answer all those questions on how to apply liquid eyeliner.



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