Eye Kajal is different according in some places, example in the Middle East, India, Pakistan and some Asian countries kajal is in a black powder form. But generally in the western countries it in a form of a pencil . The difference in eye kajal pencil is that they have the same pigment mixed with oils to form a pencil for easy application. As we all know how powders can be really messy to work with .Powdered kajal help to give an amazing Smokey eye look.

You can put Kajal along the full length of your eyes or put it in three-fourth, one half or one-fourth part of your eyes. In case you are interested in making your small eyes appear bigger then you can put Kajal in only half-length of your eyes that is from the middle to the outer corner of your eyes. With practice you will come to know about the exact length that makes your eyes look beautiful.


  1.  People generally ask how to apply kajal and keep it long lasting .For increasing the stay of your kajal apply 2 layers of kohl first, then do the rest of your make-up for 5-10 min till your eyes stop watering after application and your eyes  feel dry/normal. Then apply another 2 coats generously.
  2.   One more tip is that you can do to increase the stay-put power is , using small angled liner brush, dab/pat ( & not rub) some black waterproof/resistant eye shadow over the final coat of kohl .That would enhance the kohl to stay your eyes.
  3.   Lastly, if you don’t have time to do the above things, then apply 2-4 coats of kohl and smudge them with a smudger brush or q-tip. This in addition to giving you a smoky look , and  ensure that even if kohl melts and smudges with time , there is almost no difference in the way your  look  will change . 
  4.   Another way on how to apply kajal if you aren’t good at smudging is then , apply 2-4 coats of kohl and then by a small angled liner brush apply 1-2 coats of waterproof black Gel Liner( MAC’s Blacktrack Fluidline, Clinique’s gel eyeliner) onto your eyes .

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