These are some tips on how to make your eye makeup last long and prevent your eye shadow from creasing or wearing off.  The first thing to understand is what type of skin you have- Dry or oily. People who have dry skin also suffer from creasing as their eye lids soak up the eye shadow therefore they tend to crease. If you are a person who has oily skin or works outside and is exposed to humidity or hot temperatures then you should go with everything that is oil –free or is powder based .This is where powders and eye bases come in hand to keep your eye makeup last all day long.

·         You need to wear something between your eye shadow and your lid. The simplest thing to do is to apply your foundation or concealer on the lid. Although this is not the best method. They are also dedicated eyes bases in the market example the MAC eye base or paint pots. Apply this on your lid and place the eye shadow on top of the lid. These are available in several colours – either skin tone or other primary colours.

·         Crayons are another product that prevents creasing. But to be careful as if you apply them thickly then they crease them selves. Some brands like NYX jumbo pencils, GOSH cosmetics and MAC Eye base pencils.

·         The best thing in the market is the urban decay primer potion. This dries instantly and it will create a clean base to start off eye makeup. Another higher end product is the NARS Eye primer. They are neutralizers – even out the skin tone and also they prevent the oils of the skin penetrate into the eye shadow.

People also generally complain that their eye shadow do not last till lunch, it’s because they don’t apply their eye shadow correctly. The eye shadow has to have a base to stick on and should be applied in a patting motion making sure that you have applied enough products.

Eyeliners tend to smudge a lot as they are applied on the part of your body that naturally produces allot of oil.

Some Tips that will make your eye makeup last long -You can do this with any eyeliner colour or type .The first thing is to dry your waterline with a q-tip (be careful that the fluff should not be in contact with your eye ball  ).

·          Use gel liners because they don’t contain oils. Then final take a powdered eye shadow in which your eyeliner was in , take this powder and patt it on the eyeliner – this will make the colour look more intense and also it will soak up the oils produced .

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