• Manicures and pedicures look amazing, but you can get infections or harm your nails. With the seasonal rush of pedicure appointments, here are 10 safety tips to consider before your next polish change!
  •   Firstly the Salon should make sure that you are healthy enough to withstand a pedicure that you don’t have any existing foot issues, and they can also provide you with some additional safety tips and guidelines for getting a pedicure.
  •  If you have open sores or skin wounds are present (including insect bites, scratches, scabbed-over wounds, or any condition that weakens the skin barrier), explain it to them. Those with diabetes may be more susceptible to health concerns involving the feet, and thus, require special attention to ensure that they have proper foot care.
  • Walking in with silky smooth legs may increase your risk for infection. Many doctors have advice that you do not shave before a pedicure, as small cuts or abrasions from shaving may allow bacteria to enter
  •  Make sure you are in a clean safe environment and your technician is competent.
  •   It is also a great idea to sometimes get your own tools or ask the salon people to clean the instruments or sterilize them for you. Some salons personally sanitize the instruments with alcohol in front of the client, for their satisfaction.
  • Ask If Disposable Items Are Used Only Once Items such as nail files, foot files, buffers and toe separators should be used only once. You may want to consider bringing your own disposable items with you.
  • It is thought that pipe-free is better because piped whirlpool foot baths have been found to contain bacteria in their pipes, jets and water filtration systems. The newer models have pipe-less jets that can be cleaned by removing from the bath or by running a solution such as Pedi clear
  •  Also, only let the pedicurist cut your toenails. Do not allow them to cut your cuticles because that creates another opening for bacteria to enter.

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