Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser

Cleansing is one of the initial steps for a good skin care routine. Nevertheless, most often this step is ignored by majority of people. The traditional way of cleansing may leave behind traces of dirt, and the oil discharge may block the pores. 
The build up of leftover dirt can damage the skin and its appearance. Hence, you should consider advanced cleansing methods to take extra care of your skin. Well, Neutrogena Wave indeed the well-liked cleansing devices that are being used by many people across the globe.
Here are the benefits of using the Neutrogena Wave :
  •  Leaves skin feeling and looking healthier
  •  Removes 6X more makeup than cleansing with hands alone
  •  Helps skin care products absorb better
  •  Pores appear smaller
  •  Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  •  Soft, non-abrasive for different skin types

Here’s a video describing the Neutrogena Wave which includes a demonstration on how to use it:

I suffered from acne as a teenager and have a few faded tell tale scars as well as large pores across my nose and cheeks. My seemingly gigantic pores are the bain of my life and I am constantly embarrassed by them. I also have permanently pink cheeks  which I take the attitude off. I also get a few spots every now and again which are usually hormonally related. .
My Initial Concerns About The Neutrogena Wave
Just a fad / one of these crazy infomercial ‘wonder products’
W ould the daily facial brushing make it worse?

My Review

Skin benefits  : After the first use, I knew I could never go back to simply using my hands. My skin felt absolutely amazing! Extremely clean and fresh, yet not at all tight or uncomfortable as it tended to feel after gel/spot targeting cleansers. My skin was also so babysoft afterwards that I couldn’t stop touching my face…and still can’t.

Physical Features : It is Compact and fits in my hand perfectly .It runs on battery power . I have been using the same battery for more than 4months and still running strong . It comes with the batterie and two packs of cleansing pads (7 in each pack). The pad automatically sticks to the wave when attached, a bit like Velcro Cleansing foam can be seen in the centre of the pad. No wires no cords no stands !! Plus point for me .
It has on Button with one speed control . The vibrations are not too harsh . The cleansing pads are disposable which is amazing as many people can use it and it avoids any bacteria formation . They are different type of disposal pads catering to different skin problems.- ORIGINAL and GENTLE EXFOLIATING ( they all come with Plastic heads too )

Right – Original Cleasing Pad, Left- Gentle Exfoliating Pad
Use : This is so convenient the Neutrogena wave  is completely waterproof! (I pop my conditioner on then use the Neutrogena wave as it soaks in ,resulting in healthy skin and healthy hair.)

Compact & travel-friendly: The cleansing systems from Neutrogena Wave come in compact sizes and make it an ideal option for individuals who lack storage space in their bathrooms. As the products are small in size; users can carry them everywhere even while travelling. The Neutrogena wave cleansing systems are simple to use as the user guide makes the operating procedures quite simple.
Price : Neutrogena Wave  ranges form where you Buy it – I bought it from Dubai – 39/- Dhs  and In India it retails for – 619/- Rps to 700/-
Disposals Cleansing Pads -399/-Rps 
Rating : 4.5 
Available – Here  

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