This is a makeup trend that is on lately.  Black lipstick isn’t supposed to be gothic but more glamorous rock and roll example for a night out at a concert or the city or something.Black lips are seen everywhere in ads and editorial pictures the reason why because it looks beautiful for photography .Celebs are taking the most out of it .

·         A tip for the people who want to rock the dark black lip is to tone down the eyes. Time and time again it looks better if you work with one area of our face. That is making the eyes pop or the lips. If you try doing both together you might look like a little too over done and made up.

Talking about black lipstick, Black is a colour that stands out on human skin. The background makes it appear louder than it is. Although black lipstick makes your teeth look grey and your skin look purple. These aren’t the most flattering looks that people opt to use. Also Applying black lipstick isn’t the easiest thing. It is necessary to use a brush and precisely apply the lipstick as a minor mistake will show up against your skin.

Many celebs are also rocking this trend like Rihana and Lady GaGa .They seem to like the gothic look. But majority of people still tend to work the natural nude tones. The reason is choice. Another factor is that black lipstick look theatrical and hence used by people in videos or ads rather than in normal life. It is a rare to see a person rocking the black lipstick on the streets anywhere in the world .


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