When you are starting with lip liner application it is preferred to begin with a neutral base. Create a base by applying some left over foundation on your lips. So that if you want to over draw your lips you can. Avoid applying concealer on the lip, as it will just make the lipstick crease and not look pretty .

  • To start off on how to apply lip liner keep in mind that you follow the natural lip shape. It is like drawing a border to your lips. When it comes to colour, make sure you go with a liner one shade darker than your natural lip colour, some people tell to go towards a shade that matches your lip colour at the end it is your wish .It is also necessary to keep in mind your skin tone – whether warmer shades or cooler shades suite you the most. Another feature to keep in mind is to use a lip liner that has a sharp end in order to give a precise line.

  • Take your lip liner and draw across the line of your lip .Moving from the centre to the outer parts on the upper lip and the opposite procedure to the down lip – out to in. Hold the lip liner in your hand firmly and glide it on the boundaries of your lip. Let your hand rest on a table and keep it closer to your body in order to avoid any shakes. If you want you can hold the lip liner in a diagonal way so the lip liner does not poke and create unfinished lines. These are the perfect tricks and tips on how to apply lip liner.

  • If you want to create a fuller lip effect then you can draw your lips more then it naturally appears. Take the lip liner and slowly draw the centre part of the lower lip. This is generally used to make lips appear fuller in the most natural way. Slowly fill in the entire lip with lip liner. Then apply lipstick as follows keeping in mind not surpassing the lip liner.

  • You don’t need to apply lip liner all the time .But if you want to keep your lipstick from bleeding and your using a matt lipstick then lip liner application is a very good idea. Some makeup artist prefers to apply lip liner before applying lipstick and some prefer afterwards. It is up to you whether what effect you want to achieve.

 Another great idea is to apply a little concealer just above the lip. Make sure the concealer one shade lighter than your natural tone. This will make your lips pop and also make the lip liner not smudge or move around all day long .

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