How to apply lipstick is probably the last thing you think about and do while applying makeup. The colour of the lipstick plays a crucial role in applying lipstick. The colour of your lipstick is based on the time of the day – morning, evening and night.

  • Make sure that your lips are primed .One rule before applying lipstick is to moisturize your lips. Before applying your make up just pop some lip balm on your lips and that will make your lips soft and smooth. Generally how you apply lipstick first is to apply a sheer coat , so that if you want to stop there you can or else build up more by applying another layer .If you’re working with a light lipstick then you can apply your lipstick straight from the stick. Make sure that you stay within the natural lines of your lip.

  • How to apply your lipstick in the day time is very easy. Use a very sheer, light colour either pink or nude according to your preference. Make sure that the colour is in the cool family .Top this off with a lip gloss .No lip liner nothing. We want our lips to look more neutral. It is also good to choose a lipstick which has a cream or shine finish not too frosty or not too matt.

  • You can also apply lipstick from the tube or you can use a lip brush. It’s completely up to you personal style. The best ways to apply your lipstick is start from the centre and blend it outward. If you have small lips you should use more gloss than normal. The gloss helps creating a fuller lip effect.

Gloss helps accentuate the lips and make them look pouty. This can also be achieved by filling the centre of the lips with a lighter shade then your lips. This will create a dimension. This is also called the ombre lips .Finally make sure that you keep a lip gloss in your hand bag for touch ups throughout the day.

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