Colours make a huge difference in the appearance of anything .For example we wear black clothes to appear thinner in the same way we use darker colours to make our mouth look smaller. It’s all about creating a 2 dimension .If your want to make your lips fuller by makeup then you can use a brighter of lighter colour to do so. So this is the trick on how I get fuller lips.
Most people don’t apply lip liner. Lip liner is a amazing product as it helps to give a definite line to your lip .When you pair a lip liner with a lip gloss it helps to enhance the illusion of fuller lips.
How to make your lips fuller can be answered by makeup or by surgery or some natural alternatives. Let’s start with makeup. 

  • Use a lip liner shade that is closest to your natural lip tone and start lining the lip. Where ever you feel your lips are thinner, try accentuating the area by drawing a little over your natural lip line .Don’t over draw it to a point where it looks fake. Try making a slight curve form the cupid bow (centre V of the upper lip) to the outer corners. For the bottom lip slightly over in  the middle part of the lip then its natural lip line .Then fill in the edges with lip liner .Stretching your lip while applying lip liner will help give a precise application .
  • How to get fuller lips can be achieved by using a light highlight colour all over the lip. You can use any nude peachy colour which is a little lighter than your natural lip shade. Concentrate this on the centre and blend outwards. 
  • You can already notice where it is highlighted and darker towards the ends this gives a effect of fuller lips. The trick to a super pouty look is layering lipstick and lip gloss. Take a highlighting lip gloss and apply it in the centre on the lid and work it towards the edges. 
  • Finally use a higher or concealer and apply it on top of your upper lip and above the cupids bow. This will help create your lips look wider and cleaner. 
Lisa Eldridge Has a amazing video which can help you to get the perfect lip shape .


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