• Removing lipstick stains can be a menace at times .Our lips have a thin layer of skin on top and this is the prime basis why the skin absorbs the colour of the lipstick pigment easily . Lips are the most delicate skin also as a result we have to moisturize our lips before applying any lip product in order to protect it.
  • Lips generally get stained when you use a lip stain or a lipstick that is highly pigmented. Lipsticks that are a matt or crème finish stain the lips more often than other textures. This is because the amount of pigment utilized in these lipsticks are more in percentage when compared to other textures .Lips stains are the most hardest to remove. As they stain the layer of the lip.
  • There is a method to prevent lipstick to stain the lip is by using a lip balm or a moisturizing lip treatment. This creates a thin layer between the lip product and the layer of the skin. Lip balm also provides nourishment to the lips and as a result they don’t absorb the lip product into the layer of the skin.
  • Another way to prevent lips from staining is by scrubbing the lip before and after using a lip product. This will eliminate any dead skin causing the stains
  • Lipstick stains can be easily removed by makeup remover. Makeup remover contains oils and solvents that help get rid of the makeup form your face easily without harming the skin .These oils also help balance the oil level in your skin not making it to dry. 
  • They are products in the market for easy removal of lipstick, example lipstick removing wipes. If you don’t want to splurge your money on buying a makeup remover then the easiest way to remove lipstick stains is by taking a cotton ball with some lotion and wiping your lips. If you want to remove it further more then take a tooth brush and scrub your lips with honey and olive oil. Oils help break down the pigmentation bond of the lipstick.
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