Aloe Veda Citrus Mint Luxury Shower Gel

Luxurious Foaming Soap – free Citrus Mint luxury shower gel with vitamin E gently cleanses and nourishes your skin . Get high as the tangy citrus notes of sweet orange and lemon Essential Oils and minty notes of peppermint Oil gets you re-charges for a long day. Contains Aloe velra and glycerine that heels, soothes and hyderates your skin to retain moisture after bath .

To use , take 4- 5 drops of gel on a wet loofah or body mitt . Scrub throroughly over entire body . Leave for 2-3 minutes and than shower.

My Take ! 
  •  I aboslutely fell in love with the Aloe Veda Citrus Mint Luxury Shower Gel form the first wash with this product . I love the minty and citrusy scent especially for those hot summer days when you need that extra boost in the morning .
  •  The Aloe Veda Citrus Mint Luxury Shower Gel lathers up like a normal shower get and works amazing on a loofah or a body mitt.
  • The gel smell lingers on the body for a hour or so.
  • I have noticed the tan lines on my skin have reduced within one wash and honestly was not expecting this product to do so , as its not targeted towards anti tan or tan removing feature.
  • My skin felt very soft and shiny after the first wash .
  • My shower room smelt like a beach for a long time . Loved it .
  • Aloe vera Gives a cool feeling to your skin and soothes areas where you have sun burns or irritated skin in general .
  1. Leave the skin soft , shiny and moisturized 
  2. Removes tan and dark patches .
  3. Lathers up nicely.
  4. Smells amazing – Lemons and mint which refreshes your mind and body.
  5. Price value is amazing
Cons :
  1. Packaging is not travel friendle , and the cap pops out alot .
  2. The smell doesnot linger on your body for a long time.
Price :Rs 180/- 300ml
Rating: 4.5/5

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