How to make your lipstick last a really long time or as long as it can is a question generally asked allot. They are many long lasting lipsticks out in the market that are made for long wear but they are mostly expensive. Another alternative to lipsticks is lip stains that last a really long time. This article will show you how to make your lipstick last all day long  .The products you need is a lipstick of your choice , a lip liner in a close shade to your lipstick , a lip gloss in a complementing shade a lip brush and some blotting tissue .

  •  Before you begin applying anything to your lip make sure to apply lip balm , preferably apply this prior to your make up this will make your lips soak in all the moisture and will appear fuller and soft .This will help your lipstick glide on easily too .Also make sure that you wipe off the excess balm left over on your lips .
  • Take your lip liner and line your lips. Line your lower lip first and then fill in the entire lip with the liner. Then apply the liner on the upper lip and then fill the upper lip too .Make sure that your within the natural boundaries of your lip. Lip liner helps prevent the lipstick from smudging. Then take the lip brush and pack it on with lipstick and apply it to your lip again keeping in mind it should not exceed the lip liner .The lip brush will help the product set into your lip and you will have a control of the product even more .
  • Another tip on how to make lipstick last longer is to blot your lips with tissue and apply lip stick again on top .Especially when you’re working with darker shades it is necessary to pack on as much product as possible. This will help for long lasting lipsticks.
  • A trick for long stay lipsticks used by makeup artist is to set the lipstick with a powder either blush or translucent powder.


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