When you’re talking about red lipstick they are several factors that come into consideration like textures, undertones. These all factors play a crucial role in choosing the best red lipstick for you.

  • To start off with the sheer texture red lipsticks, these types of red lipsticks will suite someone who is a bit mature. A person who doesn’t want a full lip and may consider it too over powering ,a sheer red lip is your answer .They are several types of such lipstick out there , either promoting themselves as tinted lip balms or moisture lipsticks . 
  • One example of such kind is that the out part of the lipstick has a balm and contains a small amount of pigment through the centre .When you apply these lipstick you get a sheer coverage.

  • For those who want a bold red lip that will last throughout the entire day here is your trick. Start off with a lip liner. Apply a red lip liner on the borders of your lip and fill in the entire lip with the liner. This will help the lipstick last longer and avoid smudging .Top this off with a crème shine lipstick. You can apply this from the direct tube or with a brush. A lip brush will make the product set into the lip and hence will last longer. Generally lipsticks with full pigment might become a little messy and you will find yourself touching it up all day. But the effect is worth it.

  • Another alternative to the messy red lip is a red lip stain. Such lip stains are not high maintenance at all. they are highly pigmented and last all day long without smudging or smearing all over. Although this is a nightmare for dry lips as the stains have a drying element to them and you do have to moisturize them will a lip balm .

  • If you’re struggling with the perfect red shade for your lips then you might want to see the undertone of your lips. If you have a yellow undertone you should opt for orange- reds, bright reds and coral- reds .
  • If you have a pinkish undertone then you should go for blue tone reds and bright reds .Shades that fall into the category of berry reds will suit you more.


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