When it starts getting cold or extremely warm the skin and especially our lips begin to look dull and dry ,this is due to the lack of moisture in the air .What you need is a lit bit of extra love .The best form of love is to moisturise your lips , like a good  lip balm . These contain vital oils which will help nourish our lips. Luckily, lip balm has come a long way from good ol’ Vaseline. From ones that impart gorgeous berry colours to those that offer a whopping SPF 35, there’s no shortage when it comes to the variety of lip balms available.

Vaseline petroleum jelly is a product that has been in the market for years and is the public’s favourite. It has no smell, easy on budge and is available in so many sizes.
The best lip balm that is available everywhere is Nivea Moisturizing lip balm. I love the shade a kiss of shimmer. This just smells like summer. It’s all-natural, and the translucent hot-pink brightens up every skin tone.

This is for the ultimate no-colour-colour person—it feels incredible, it smells fantastic, and you get great shine and the hint of tints. Burts bees lip balm is the most l=moisturizing and nourishing lip balm that contains honey extract for further care.

Body shop vitamin E lip balm is the best lip balm for people who suffer from dry and chapped lips. Using this for 2 days will give you back the nourishment you’re lucky lips need. They contain vitamin E oil and Shea butter for extra care and make your lips silky soft. They are made up of natural stuff.

EOS lips balm is the cutest lip balm in the market. Shaped like a egg and has the lip balm in a round ball shape make application and handling mush easier. The EOS lip balm comes in many flavours like mint, tangerine, strawberries. Don’t worry they are not only product that look good but also feel good .EOS lip balms are cheap and cute.


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