With hundreds of beauty products claiming to do several things it is hard to find the perfect product that will suit you. Lip Plumper’s are one of these new products that claim to make your lips fuller without any injections. They are so many lip plumper’s in the market but what are lip plumper’s? And which one is the best.

Lip plumper’s is basically lip glosses that make your lips look and feel bigger. What is lip plumper made up off? They contain properties which work by irritating your lips one example is like cinnamon/cinnamon oil. What are in lip plumper’s?  Some have cinnamon and others have moisturizing ingredients that smooth your lips. Some lip plumper’s are more like a makeup base -when lipstick is applied over them, your lips look fuller. Apart from these they are the flat-out treatment products, containing ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids or retinol that are supposed to increase collagen production to give you plumper lips over time.

Picking a proper lip plumper is very important. The choice is generally based on what effect you want to have – bee stung your lip or a natural pout. Lip plumper with the help of these active ingredients make your lip look and appear bigger .You shall utilise them like a normal lip gloss and apply them when you feel it’s necessary .You will experience a tingling feeling on lips that when you will notice the difference . They come in variety of shades, textures and colours. Lip Plumper’s also tend to last longer than normal lip gloss as they are stickier in consistency.

Some lip plumper does will make the blood coming to the surface to the lips. Such that if you use a clear lip plumper it will make your natural lip colour .These lip plumper’s do tend to be expensive when compared to your normal lip gloss . But for those people who want a pouty full lip this is better than those injections and pain of plastic surgery.
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