Some people feel that the French manicure is an outdated way to style your nails. But many still consider it to be a timeless way to finish off your look.  Your nails will be smart, pretty, clean and suitable for all occasions.  Compared to other nail polish trend, the manicure nails always stays in fashion.

French manicures always don’t have to look the same boring white tip. They are many French nail design variations that you can try based on your mood or the occasion.

 One of the latest nail trends is the old French Manicure with different new colours. This is one of my favourite trend it the French manicure with colour tips. All you need is- Contrast nail polishes, Manicure guide strip, or tape.

  1. Start off by applying nail polish on your nails. You can alternate the colour of nail polish on your nails.
  2. Apply the manicure strips on the nails .
  3. Apply a sheer coat of the contrast nail colour.
  4. Finally remove the strips after they dry and apply a top coat.

Paint only Your Nail Tips With another colour if you are not ready to go for a complete colour block trend .Instead of the boring white tip go for a colour, be bold with colour.

Another French nail design is the glitter tips. All you need is French nail art nail polishes, and some glitter.

  1. Start off by doing your French manicure
  2. Give your nails a good 40 sec to completely dry
  3. Apply a generous coat of any clear nail polish /top coat
  4. Dip your nail tips in Glitter.
  5. Dust off the excess


Decorate Your French Nails with Cute Bows or rhinestones. You can use some bits of crafty stuff at your home and use it to decorate your nails.

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