Sometimes it’s good to enjoy a relaxing at home spa pedicure. As much as people enjoy the luxury of a spa professional taking care of our feet, finances often call for us to become our own spa pedicurist. So here are some DIY tips on doing a spa pedicure on a budget.

Take the time to care for your feet and your toenails, learning the proper spa pedicure technique and maintaining them well for a spa quality spa pedicure at home.

  • Before starting anything it is necessary to create a mood.
  • Find a perfect place like your bath tub were you can edge your feet in the water and create a soothing environment . Create a relaxing area by lighting a candle with hints of lavender or lime. Make a cup of your favourite green tea and enjoy.
  • Soaking your feet is the first step. Fill the tub with enough warm water to reach your ankles, and add a dash of soaping product. If you want throw in some petals of flowers and some fragrance oil. After you have given yourself a good 15 min to relax then it’s time to scrub. 
  • Create your own scrub at home, made from all natural ingredients. Example – Mix 2 tablespoons of oats with a cup of yogurt, add in lemon juice and honey and viola you have a spa quality scrub. You can wish to add rose water or other essence oils for fragrance.
  •  (Prepare this before your start your pedicure)Now it’s time for trimming and cleaning .After removing chipped polish, trim nails straight across with steel clippers and smooth uneven edges with a metal file. Opt for a slightly rounded shape to prevent painful ingrown nails.
  •  Then, lightly buff out ridges and any discoloration on the nail plate with the coarse side of a four-way buffing block.  
  •  Then moisturize -Try a product with Shea butter, coconut milk and vitamin E to help soften and smooth the skin. 
  • Give yourself a mini massage, working the lotion between toes, around the ankle and up the calf. 
  • Now you’re ready for polish. You can use toe separators but a piece of tissue works just as well. Choose a shade that you like and be bold. After this a good tip is to give your feet some time to breathe, avoid wearing shoes or soaks.



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