Valentino Rock ‘n’ Rose – Perfume Review

This fragrance – ‘Valentino Rock n Rose’ was marketed to have been “inspired by a new generation of young Valentino women….a Rose on the outside and a Rocker on the inside”; as you can guess, that means Rock ‘n Rose.   

It has a strong dry down woody note , with sweet vanilla, the merest little smidgen of powder and lots and lots of musk. After an hour or so, it feels very soft and smooth, but I wouldn’t call it light perfume. It is meant to be edgy, and I suppose it is edgy in comparison to your average girly fragrances geared towards a young audience. It is certainly edgier than some other recent “modern roses” (Stella McCartney’s Stella ).

Main Notes of this perfume :

  • It has a strong rosey scent to it that dies down towards the evening.
  • It has notes of white Floral tones that dime down the smell of roses .
  • It does have a musky , woody scent.
  • Lastely It has a vanilla , fruity /citrus undertones that lingers on to your skin.
I absolutely love the packaging of this perfume . It is sleek and very elegant.  this perfume was released in 2008 , but is still available in the market and has been pretty popular among the younger generation.

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