This is a part of the bath and body range of Mikyajy has to offer. As the name suggests its a strawberry scented range . Mikyajy has a amazing range of bath and body products , and I am a huge fan of this company . Although sadly its only available in the middle east . I have used the ‘I love Raspberry and Blackberry line’ and I was eager to try out some more products .I bought the complete range , but you can buy these individually . In the pack that I got , it comes with .
  1. Strawbs shower gel
  2. Strawbs Body Mist
  3. Strawbs Anti-perspirant
  4. Strawbs Body Butter

 Strawbs shower gel: This product lathers up very well . Texture wise its like any other shower gel , but the main feature that sets this apart form other shower gels is that this product lingers on to your skin for a whole day .
 Yes , especially when you layer it up with the body mist and the anti – perspirant. You literally smell like strawberries .

Strawbs Body Mist: This has been my holy Grail product this summer . It is the perfect mist to spruce up your day especially in the hot hot hot scorching summers .

I find body mists more suitable for this season when compared to the alcohol based perfumes . The body mist is very light and drys off fast .

Strawbs Anti-perspirant:If there was a product I would not re- purchase then this is it . I did not like the smell of the anti – perspirant strangely. This is the only product that is too sweet and has a concentrated scent . It makes me sickly sweet .Another thing of the anti- perspirant that bothers me is the texture – it leaves a white film on my skin and it does not dry soon. Also is very sticky .

Strawbs Body Butter :To be honest I wish I could eat this product up . It is amazing . The body Butter unlike any of the product leaves the skin with a subtle scent of sweet strawberries . The body butter is very moisturising and creamy . It is light when compared to the “the body shop” Body butters . 
This although looks thick but the formula is made in such a way that the skins absorbs it very easily . Leaves the skin with a light healthy glow . I am repurchasing this product – that’s a fact .


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